A better way to travel.

Whether it is making a last-minute booking or an advance notice request, organizing and coordinating leisure or business travel plans can be incredibly stressful. Bahamas Executive Car Hire can ensure that you travel in luxury and arrive at your destination punctually and in style, after a smooth and relaxing journey.

Bahamas Executive Car Hire offer a range of luxury executive cars and SUV’s. Every vehicle in our fleet boasts a soft, beautiful leather interior and air–conditioning, to provide our passengers with an ultra-comfortable and luxurious journey.

All the vehicles in our fleet are impeccably appointed and each vehicle is regularly valeted, serviced, and maintained by our staff according to the manufacturers’ specifications, to deliver optimum comfort, performance, and reliability.

Bahamas Executive Car Hire cater for a wide range of clients from executives travelling to business meetings or scheduled airline and charter jet flights, through to VIPs and celebrities attending opening nights or red-carpet events.

Why Choose Us?

Bahamas Executive Car Hires’ objective is to keep the image of the phrase “ Executive Car Hire ” where it should be and set an example.

Fixed Prices
Bahamas’ leading premier chauffeur company providing cost-effective executive, luxury chauffeur driven car hire services with fixed prices and no hidden cost.

Good old fashioned and honest customer service. With a long-standing commitment to provide respect, support, and the VIP treatment for all.

100% Satisfaction
We are confident we can meet and even exceed your expectations. If (within reason!) you are not happy with the service you have received, we will refund the full amount paid.

Things you consider before choosing a Chauffeured Car Service.

Looking for the Best Price? You may be disappointed in the long run.
The biggest error you could make when shopping for a Car Service is searching strictly on Price. In the limo industry, there are many variances of quality service and price. All too often, a cheaper price translates into a larger risk for you. Most consumers would not choose a restaurant or hotel strictly based on price, yet people shop for a limo service this way and expect 5-star quality at a 1-star price. If you shop for a car service on price alone, you will likely be frustrated and disappointed with your limousine experience. Old, dirty, poorly maintained vehicles, shoddy service, unprofessional chauffeurs with poor hygiene, late service, and under insured or no insurance are all possible results of the best price shopping priority. Remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, and you always get what you pay for.

The Truth About Chauffeured Transportation

As you decide which chauffeured transportation service best meets your requirements, there are certain truths you should be aware of. Foremost among them: All providers are not the same.
• A true chauffeured transportation service consistently meets your expectations.
• All chauffeurs are drivers; Not all drivers are chauffeurs.
• The way you are greeted at the airport speaks volumes about how you are treated by a chauffeured service company.
• Safety is not an accident; It takes a total company commitment.
• Your privacy depends on more than a promise and a password; It requires secure systems and a commitment to confidentiality.
• The continuity of your business depends on the continuity of your chauffeured service provider's business.
• A robust online reservation center lets you manage travel in real-time, not lag-time.
• Stringent quality control ensures Murphy's Law never happens.
• Your meeting and event management is far too important to entrust to anyone but the best.